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I’m Confused

I can’t speak for others in the LBGT community but I find myself very confused by world events these days.   We have seen such a national uniting within the US against Russia’s anti-gay stance with the Olympics.   It is as if the people of the United States has united against a common enemy and finally turned a corner in recognizing that members of the LGBT community deserve the right to call themselves Americans.

Then Arizona turns around and passes legislation that is akin to Jim Crow laws that permit discrimination against members of the LGBT community.  Political leaders still spew LGBT hate rhetoric like their jobs depend on it.  The news is still filled with countless stories of gays and lesbians being beaten, harassed and bullied in the US, many states still do not include sexual orientation as a protected class, Oklahoma is threatening to ban all marriage in order to avoid legalizing gay marriage,   Suicide rates among LGBT youth are still rising.  The US idly stands by while other countries make being gay a crime punishable by death or life in prison.

You get my point…so now my question is this:  Are we really standing up for LGBT rights in Russia or are we just standing up to Russia?

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