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Alaskan “Noob”

I have lived on the Kenai Peninsula for a year now so does that mean I’m no longer an Alaskan “noob”?

After a year living on the Kenai, I feel like I have successfully made my way through some rite of passage that makes me a full fledged Alaskan now.  I can’t pull one experience out of all the experiences I’ve collected and say, that was it, that was the point in which I lost my noobness, but with the passing of the one year anniversary of my arrival in Alaska and all that I have seen and done, I have to believe my noobness is gone.

I drove the Alaskan Highway in the middle of winter.  I took a ride on the Alaskan Marine Highway, visited Homer, Seward, Anchorage and many other places and  named the moose that regularly visit me at work and home.  I watched a lynx hunt rabbits in my front yard, hiked in snow deeper than my knees and came within feet of touching a glacier.  I learned the difference between dip net fishing and set net fishing as well as learned that a bit of yarn works well as bait for Salmon.  I  explored the world of Alaskan craft beer, shoveled snow off my roof and became use to the regular earthquakes.  I  found my favorite restaurants, tried moose meat for the first time and eaten my share of salmon and halibut.

I’m loving life on the Kenai but have I lost my noobness when there is still so much to do and see and experience on the Kenai?  In a strange way, I really hope not because all that the Kenai has to offer is new and I never want to lose that feeling of utter awe that washes over me each time I see and experience some new aspect of the Kenai’s natural beauty.

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